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Together let’s eliminate fashion waste with our Swap Program

Let’s swap – ship us your pre-loved pieces and we can help fill your closet with new one-of-kind finds!

Vintage friends …we are all about out with the old and in with the old! We want you to be more sustainable and when you share your gently used clothing, we can continue to share the love by making more of our customers more sustainable. Help us stop fashion waste, human violations and let’s do a swap together. 

So what does this mean? You get to clean out your closet and we give you a deep discount on your next Rag Parlor  Vintage purchase of 25% off! We’re looking for vintage pieces from the early 1900s to the early 2000s. Antiques, furniture and decor from the 1800s to the 1970s are eligible for the swap program as well.  

Some high quality pieces – we might be willing to trade or even purchase. Check out below what we are regularly looking for.  If there’s anything we don’t take, we can recycle it for you thus continuing the love.

How does The Swap Work?

Clean out your closet and laundry what you are wanting to send.

If you are in Texas – make arrangements to meet at our warehouse, La Vida Coffee Shop showroom or at one of our markets or popups.

If you are not in Texas, send us some of photos of the item (front and back), a picture of the tag and description of condition. Call out any imperfections or issues. DM us through our Instagram @ragparlorvintage or email us at info@ragparlorvintage.com

Our team will look through your pieces and let you know what we’ll take.

Receive a 25% discount code off your online or in person sale with accepted items.

REQUIRED: All pieces must be laundered before accepting. We only accept excellent conditions and do not accept stained or torn items.

Here is list of brands/items we are always interested in acquiring:  
  • Sports, Band, Nature and Other closely associated T Shirts from 60s-90s – Anything that is manufactured after the date 2000 will not be accepted for curative purposes. 
  • Denim from the 1800s-1980s. Any pieces manufactured after 1990 will not be accepted for curative purposes. 
  • Hats from the Early 1900s – 90s. Any hats manufactured after the date 2000 will not be accepted for curative purposes. 



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