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The Happiest Accident

Rag Parlor Vintage (in the early days Vagabonds Vintage) started on a whim. Rudkin developed his passion for thrifting as a teen growing up in South Texas. He realized unique fashion finds allowed him to express his personality while supporting sustainability and respecting the past. Like fine wine, classic cars or antique furniture, vintage clothing retains value and reflects the culture of the time.  

On a trip to Nashville, Beaux noticed a pop-up kiosk of vintage clothing, which inspired him to think about reselling some of his treasures. 

One weekend he sold a selection of recycled favorites from a blanket in front of his dorm at Liberty University. The next week Beaux doubled his profit. He found himself thrifting during most of his free time, purchasing inventory and expanding his knowledge to identify labels recognized for superior craftsmanship, ethical sourcing, and fair labor practices. He gathered a like-minded posse who brought their skills to grow a hobby into something more tangible. 

As his following expanded across the 20,000-student campus, Beaux rented two storage units, bought racks and developed a system to allow Vagabond Vintage to move locations every weekend (hence the original name Vagabonds Vintage). Without an official school permit, the feisty entrepreneur needed to stay one step ahead of campus authorities. He found fulfilment inspiring new friends to convey their individuality through their clothing choices and elevate creativity in the community.

During the Maverick days, Vagabonds Vintage appealed to the Dean of Liberty University’s Business School to advocate with the university. The dean recognized a winning proposition. He sponsored Vagabonds Vintage and went to bat for them with the school. What began on a blanket soon become a cherished community fixture in Lynchburg.

Soon the crew found their creative voice in the process of expanding the brand and letting it take its next creative steps. During the evolution of Vagabond’s as a brand there was a water shed moment; there was an opportunity to rebrand and become something even better. Inspired by idea of taking the Vintage clothing industry to its next stage Rag Parlor Vintage was born. Taking some of the most prized and unique pieces from True Vintage then curating it with a standard of excellence,  Rag Parlor opened its first bricks and mortar store in San Antonio, Texas in Fall 2023. Along with a store front, Rag Parlor customers will be invited to a new online shopping experience featuring weekly item drops, look and book stylings and blog posts. The next generation of Vintage clothing is in True Vintage and that requires us to look even further into the past to understand the history of clothing more fully for further inspiration. 

Rag Parlor Vintage will open this Fall. Items will drop here. Beaux and the gang have broadened their horizons, taking their Texas roots, culture and creativity to a location near you. Join Rag Parlor as they ramble on the road. All who wander are not lost. How will finding the you in our community inspire your dreams?

The first Vagabonds Vintage Team in Lynchburg, VA



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