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Let that special piece help you find your voice.

Shop in a congenial community living room. Take time to feel at home. Sense what resonates with your mind and spirit.

Vintage clothing is an excellent way for college students and others looking for sustainable wardrobe options while also expressing their individual style in a one-of-a-kind way. However, it’s important to remember that even though this type of fashion may be more environmentally friendly than other options out there, it’s still important for shoppers to pay attention to where their clothing is coming from so they can ensure it was ethically sourced and responsibly produced before purchasing any item. Doing so will help support small businesses as well as help protect our planet!

Feel your confidence soar as your express your individuality among supportive peers.

Journey with us in search of the next treasure.

Vintage clothing offers a much larger selection of one-of-a-kind pieces than what can be found in most stores or online retailers today. Shopping for vintage is a great way to express your individual style without having to sacrifice quality or originality. Plus, vintage clothes are usually made with better quality materials compared to their modern counterparts due to the fact that they were produced before mass manufacturing became commonplace.

How to Shop Responsibly for Vintage Clothes?

When shopping for vintage clothes it’s important to ensure that you are purchasing ethically sourced items from responsible sellers who only offer authentic products from legitimate sources. Additionally, look for sellers who prioritize environmental protection and sustainability. Finally, make sure you shop at reputable stores and websites that are transparent about where their inventory comes from and make sure they adhere to high standards when it comes to labor practices and ethical sourcing policies.

Respect for the past. Connections for the future.

Gain confidence, elevate community, and promote sustainability by upcycling.

Vintage clothing is an amazing way to think outside the box of mainstream fashion while also making a positive impact on our environment. With vintage clothing, we can embrace the past with respect, sustainability and upcycling. One-of-a-kind classic clothes have never been so easy to find or purchase, thanks to the rise of vintage stores and online sellers.

Why Embrace Vintage Clothing?

Vintage fashion has recently become increasingly popular due to its unique designs, timeless style, affordability and sustainability. By buying pre-loved items that are already in existence, we reduce the amount of resources needed for production and decrease waste from overconsumption. This means that vintage clothing helps us tread more lightly on our planet by reducing carbon emissions from production processes as well as water consumption. It also helps us avoid the use of plastic packaging which often comes with new clothes when they’re purchased in stores or online.

Students Bring Community and Awareness to Liberty’s Campus Through Secondhand Fashion

Outside the Jerry Falwell Library last week, a group of students surrounded a rack full of colorful clothes for sale. Over the next two hours, many students came and went, some stopping to chat and others flipping through the array of clothes.

But this is not just any old closet-sale. The students behind the Vagabonds Vintage pop-up shop, and many other student-run business, are seeking to cultivate community and sustainability through second-hand fashion on campus. 

“From the get-go, it wasn’t about making money or making an appearance, it was about creating a community,” Jesse Beaux Rudkin, a student and founder of Vagabonds Vintage, said. “Before all else, it’s about fostering an atmosphere that is inclusive… and that inspires creativity through morally ethical practices.”

Rudkin created Vagabonds Vintage, a pop-up vintage shop, because of his passion for creating community through the arts and bringing an outdoors edge to vintage fashion.




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